What is Laganscape?What is Laganscape?

Lagan Valley Regional Park covers approximately 4,200 acres of beautiful countryside with a wide variety of sites to visit, including the Neolithic Giant’s Ring, the Lock Keeper’s Cottage and the early 17th century Belvoir House Estate.

Come and discover the Lagan Valley Regional Park as an outdoor classroom; a stunning location rich in natural resources to arouse children’s curiosity. In a world dominated by technology, help today’s children ‘get back to nature’ while giving them a unique cross-curricular learning experience.

It’s simple to use!

Laganscape is a Landscape Partnership Scheme, a grant supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Through Laganscape we have encouraged greater participation within the Park and this website has been designed to provide you with all the information you need to enjoy your Lagan Valley experience.

With thanks to our partners

With thanks to our partners

It’s your resource!

We have provided a wide range of teaching material which can be downloaded from this website to help with the planning of both teacher-led trails to the park and resources that can be used to teach a wide number of topics within both the classroom and school grounds. These are Teacher’s notes, practical activities, worksheets and powerpoints.

This material covers the curricular areas of:

Language & Literacy
Mathematics & Numeracy
The Arts
The World Around Us
Personal Development & Mutual Understanding

While there are topic titles for ease of location, like all cross-curricular themes, the material in some cases is interchangeable.